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To our 65 and older patients

To our 65 and older patients:

You are eligible to receive a vaccination against COVID-19, but we are unable to offer it in the clinic at this time. We HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of the state resources to obtain the vaccine ASAP. We do not recommend any particular vaccine over another. They are all life-saving vaccines.

The following link will take you to the page where you can schedule an appointment:

There are three options for scheduling an appointment.

1. Option A: View all COVID-19 vaccine providers in Alaska (in list format or map format)

2. Option B: Browse available appointments. Note that you must use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers to successfully register. Here is an example of what you might see:

3. Option C: Call for support (use this if you are having trouble registering)

- Call the COVID helpline (907-646-3322) for assistance: 9am-6:30pm M-F, 9am-4:30pm on weekends.

- Call 1-855-565-2017, 8am-6pm daily and leave a message at the statewide toll-free number for Aging & Disability Resource Centers. Use option #1 for help from full-time ADRC staff ready to help seniors.

- Check with your local public health office, primary care provider, or local health authorities for more information.

Any questions or concerns about the vaccine? Go to our vaccine FAQ page here.

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