Pain Medication Management

The definition of “pain medication” is broad, encompassing a variety of drug classes and mechanisms of action.


Most medications address a specific type of pain—neuropathic, muscular, myofascial, joint, etc. A combination of medications for your specific type of pain can be more effective than the sum of their separate effects. Tailoring your medications to your pain takes time, but rest assured it is time well spent.


Research has shown that the best approach to pain is multimodal, without reliance on opioids as primary medication in the long term. If you have found that the amount of opioid medication required to manage your pain is increasing, then your pain is not well managed and you may be entering opioid-induced hyperalgesia—a state in which your pain is worsened due to long-term use of opioids. Higher doses of opioids are not the answer.


Your pain is not the same as another person’s pain, and your treatment should reflect that. We look forward to working with you to find the best treatment regimen to manage your pain.

Interventional Pain Management

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