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Ramsay Research Grant Recipient

Neuroversion is thrilled to announce that Dr. Duricka has been awarded a Ramsay Research Grant from Solve M.E.

Dr. Duricka and Dr. Liu will study the effects of stellate ganglion block on ME/CFS symptoms and physiology. We will recruit a handful of ME/CFS patients for a small pilot study, which we hope to launch in January 2023.

The Solve M.E. Ramsay Grant Program is designed to allow researchers to generate data to support larger grant applications. This first step is crucial to bridging the gap between a case report and a large clinical trial suitable for FDA review. We are grateful for Solve M.E.’s support and confidence in us, and we pledge to make every penny count in the quest to vanquish ME/CFS.

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Anita Jones
Anita Jones
2022년 11월 10일

You folks gave me the biggest thing I could ask for, HOPE, that I might be able to take care of my own needs as I age, to be able to be with my loved ones without twisting to stand up straight enough that folks didn't just pity me and try to help, that I might be able to travel by being able to sit without fits from drawing, and for being able to even think from the excruciating agony constant without end, I walked in hopeful but skeptical because id been to pain places had ablations and seriously nothing really, but when the exam dr had me in awe he knew exactly where to take me out from the…

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