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R.E.D. Fridays

What is RED Friday?

RED Fridays began back in 2005 by a chain e-mail, pre viral TikToks and .gifs. RED is an acronym for Remember Everyone Deployed. Civilians wear red to show their support of American troops and their safe return home regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum.


Dr. Ekstrom, our Pediatric Pain Specialist, has been deployed. Neuroversion will be wearing our RED shirts, red apparel and accessories on Fridays until his return.

We support our troops and their safe return home!

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1 Comment

Anita Jones
Anita Jones
Nov 10, 2022

You guys have my undying gratitude, God has truly blessed me to find all of you true professionals, God Bless and keep all of you and yours safe, we need you in our lives and we want you to know how we feel, thank you so much for my care recently, you have given me back hope, i am truly humbled, thank you all! 😍

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