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Belated WELCOME to Jamie Lytton, PA-C!

If you haven't met her already, Jamie has been with us since June 2020! This is our much overdue official welcome seeing as we are now in the midst of winter.

Jamie is the newest physician assistant to join our team. Current patients may recognize her from pre-procedure exams or their initial consult and follow-up visits.

No joke, in the short time that Jamie has been in Alaska, she has probably done more Alaskan activities than your average Alaskan! From fishing, glacier kayaking, hiking, snowmachining, skiing, snowshoeing, to cabining (in true Alaska fashion) you name it, she's done it.

If you are a new or current patient scheduled to see Jamie and want to learn more about her background, click here.

Her schedule is open to new patients and current.

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