Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is not myofascial release, rolfing, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular technique, acupressure, trigger point therapy, or any other form of bodywork that you may be familiar with. These are unique procedures that allow Gordon Wallis, LMT, to take manual therapy to another level.
The site of pain is never directly worked on, and often it is never touched. There is no digging at damaged tissue; No collateral damage. Special reflex areas far distant from the area of pain are touched, initiating one of several neurological reflexes that immediately relax the contracted damaged muscle tissue, resulting in pain relief. 
Some of the neurological reflexes include:
Inverse myotatic (Golgi tendon) reflex
Righting reflex
Cortical homunculus
Pfluger's Law of Symmetry
For additional information, ask your provider or contact the office. Learn more about Gordon here.


Will these procedures work on everyone?


Will they work on most people?

Yes. Most of the time pain relief is immediate.


What should I expect during my visit?

Patients remain fully clothed and sessions are short, averaging 10-30 minutes. Effectiveness is usually determined within the first or second session and the full benefits are usually felt after six sessions. 

Interventional Pain Management

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