Paola Kennah, PA-C

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Paola was born and raised in Peru. She moved to Alaska in 2001 and has been living in Alaska since then.

She earned her 1st Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science in 2009 from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She then worked in a clinical microbiology lab. She has also worked in general labs in Anchorage and in villages such as Nome, AK. She continued to expand her clinical experience, working in hemodialysis and physical therapy clinics.  She has gained many years of clinical experience working in the lab and working with patients directly, which has helped Paola build a foundation for her new career as a Physician Assistant.

Paola earned her 2nd Bachelor of Science degree in Physician Assistant studies from the University of Washington MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program. She completed her PA education in August 2018, and obtained her PA national certification by the NCCPA in September of 2018.


As a long-time Alaskan now, Paola enjoys the outdoors such as skate skiing in the winter, spring triathlons and water sports in the summer. She also enjoys Latin dancing and traveling around the world.

Interventional Pain Management

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