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New Patient Care Coordinator
Referring a friend? Or haven't been seen in over three months? Contact our New Patient Care Coordinator for details.

(907) 339-4650, option 1, option 1

Appointment Scheduling/Reception
If you need to schedule a follow-up appointment or have a basic question regarding the clinic such as location or hours, contact our front desk staff.

(907) 339-4650, option 1, option 2

Procedure and Surgery Scheduler
To schedule procedure(s) and surgery(ies); procedure and surgery appointment changes or cancellations; and/or procedure and surgery related questions should be direct to our Procedure and Surgery Scheduler. 

(907) 339-4650, option 1, option 3

Medical Assistant
Contact one of our medical assistants if you have questions regarding your care.

(907) 339-4650, option 2, option 1

Medical Records
To obtain your medical records or have your medical records sent to another provider, contact our Medical Records Department. To assist in expediting the process, complete the appropriate Release of Records form. You will also need to complete a Release of Records form for records released to you.

(907) 339-4650, option 2, option 2

Medication Refills
For medication refills or to check on the prior authorization status of your prescription.

(907) 339-4650, option 3

Billing Department
To pay your bill, questions about your bill, or if you would like to set up financial assistance, contact our Billing Department.

(907) 339-4650, option 4

If you would like to contact our clinic administrator. 

(907) 339-4650, option 5 or (907) 290-1683



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